How much do farmers earn?

Recently, The Hindu published a very informative analysis based on NSS data.  The average income of a farming household in India is Rs. 6426, out of which roughly half comes from cultivation, another third from wage work and rest from a mix of livestock and other sources.

The analysis also shows that only farm households greater than 1 hectare (about 2 acres) earn enough for household needs.  “But given that over 65 per cent of households have less than one hectare of land, this means that two out of three farm households are simply not able to make ends meet.”

For the full article, see: “Does it pay to be a farmer in India?

4 thoughts on “How much do farmers earn?

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  3. Madam,
    Annual Income of an Indian Farmer is primarily dependent on which factor ?
    1. size of the land
    2. Financial health
    3.Support System (Irrigation, seed, fertilizer. mechanization)
    4. Supportive market
    Thanking you
    Prabir Kumar Patnaik

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