Personalized Alerts for Crop Cultivation

Imagine you are a farmer.  For slightly over Rs. 100, you subscribe to a service that sends to alerts for how much fertilizer to apply and when.  The service provider already knows about the GPS location of the farmland, the size of land, the crop, seed variety as well as when you planted the crop.  You get personalized alerts about farm preparation, seed treatment, fertilizer usage, weed management, etc. in the form of timed alerts. Someone from the company follows up with you to confirm the completion of the cultivation stage.  And you also get alerts when there is a release of water happening upstream, or there is a local outbreak of some pests.

That is the kind of highly personalized and localized alert service that EkGaon Technologies provides.

EkGaon Soil & Nutrient Advisory Alerts

The company was founded by Ashoka Fellow Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya.  According to him, the package of services are designed to increase productivity while decreasing production cost.  The service is so personalized to crop, seed variety, farm size, etc. that two neighboring farmers may get different information alerts.  EkGaon’s service is one of the best ones I have come across so far, which combines localized information with information customized based on details of the farm/crop to create a unified source for info/alerts that a farmer would find useful.

The service is currently available only in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, so the rest of the country has to wait till it scales further.

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