Average farm size in India

When I made my previous post on this topic, I couldn’t figure out how to enter a table into the blog post.  So here’s the data (Source: National Sample Survey Organization – NSSO)

Total area No. of holdings Average farm holding size
(million hectares) (millions) (ha/ holding)
1960-61 134 51 2.63
1970-71 126 57 2.2
1981-82 119 71 1.67
1991-92 125 93 1.34
2002-03 107 101 1.06

The farm size related conclusions from that post are below:

In 2003, the average farm size (what NSSO calls operational landholding) was about 1 hectare, which equals the area of a 100m x 100m plot. 70% of farmers have plots sizes smaller than a hectare.

…In the last 30 years, the average farm size has halved. That is, the average farm size in 2003 was 48% of the farm size in 1971.

So the same farm that supported a single family in 1971 now has to support two families.

Thought I’d create a more complete post on this topic since many visitors to this blog are looking for this data.

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3 Responses to Average farm size in India

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  3. Ravichandran says:

    As years pass by, the average farm size would further be low. However income generated wouldn’t be suffice to support the grower as cost of living keeps increasing. How to improve the lives of farmers?.

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