Shortage of agricultural labour in India


A short wrapper post regarding agri labour. I have talked to many people in agri space, all of whom lament the availability of agri labour.  It sounds counter intuitive but this is a frequent complaint.  So this is a topic I will be exploring further over time.

This particular article refers to coconut groves in Kerala and the lack of availability of pickers

Would-be pickers are offered subsidies to help buy a motorbike and coaching on how to save money. The success of the program has other states following Kerala’s lead. There’s even a dial-a-coconut-tree-climber service to match pickers with farmers.



Rajan says that when he started out, he was paid in coconuts, keeping 10% of whatever he picked. Nowadays, it’s all cash. While salaries have jumped several-fold in recent years, jobs still go begging, with only a few pickers in a given area compared with a dozen before.

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